Why should your next story or project be created with virtual reality or augmented reality?
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| 17.desember | kl.17:00


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We have invited seven world-class extended reality creators to talk about why they choose virtual or augmented reality as their medium. During this webinar, we will look at a range of different projects and hear why XR turned out to be an excellent platform for these. Following the talks, we invite the participants to join a 30-minute Q and A and structured networking session with the speakers. This webinar is the first in a series, leading up to the launch of a 1-year Vocational XR Production program at Bilder Nordic School of Photography in Fall, 2021.

Mark Atkin and Tom Millen, Crossover Labs


Mark Atkin and Tom Millen, Crossover Labs,

Crossover Labs has been working at the intersection of various creative disciplines and technology for the past decade – however, not since the early days of the internet has there been such a convergence of artistic practices around one medium as we have seen with XR. No matter the discipline – be it theatre, film, fine art, dance, music, photography – immersive platforms offer boundless new opportunities for creative expression.

Mark and Tom from Crossover Labs will highlight some examples of convergence drawn from their experience as immersive curators and explore the possibilities for cross-disciplinary collaboration and learning offered by XR.


Kai Reaver, Oslo School of Design & Architecture, Udaru A/S, HEAD Genève:

Digitization has the tendency to focus on the technology itself rather than the social implications to the environment it modifies. Kai works on this problem by applying a scientific understanding of the effects of physical space upon human well-being. His research concerns the merging of democratic regulatory practices from physical planning with prototyping the so-called virtual world. He will show current work in Geneva, Switzerland, and Oslo, Norway with research in VR, AR, Smart Cities, and user participation. Through ongoing projects within his independent practice and through advisory positions, he hopes to illuminate the importance of multidisciplinary thinking while working across mixed-reality, new services, architecture, cities, and regulatory policy.


Karim Ben Khelifa, photojournalist,

Karim took the leap from being an award-winning photojournalist covering war and conflict for large newspapers like Time, Vanity Fair, and Le Monde to becoming a renowned VR-documentarist. His VR-documentary The Enemy was one of the first great examples in this arena, and Karim is currently working on numerous new projects including the project Seven Grams about rare earth and precious minerals use to power our mobile devices. He will take us through his thoughts and experiences with some of these projects.


Kim Baumann Larsen, architect and XR producer and designer,

Kim is heading up the Kunstlab at Kulturtanken in Norway and runs his own XR production and design studio Dimension Design. In an increasingly digital society, he will talk about why XR and real-time technologies are a good fit for digital storytelling in performing arts, and cultural heritage experiences to allow the audience to engage. Kim will be presenting some of the XR development work he has done at Kulturtanken in collaboration with other institutions and studios as well as select AR and VR projects of others.


Thomas Saaby Noer, Head of Healthcare, Khora VR,

Khora is a leading Scandinavian XR production studio, creating cutting edge content within multiple application areas. Thomas will introduce the participants to the potential of Virtual- and Augmented Reality through real-life examples from projects. Virtual reality gives you the power to teleport people through space and time. This power can be helpful in many use cases whether you are nine years old and suffer from needle phobia or if you are hearing voices that you want to cope with. Or maybe you want to go on a journey inside the human body as a medical student. All these areas are within the realm of virtual reality.


Adrian Lervåg Skår, Project manager, Xvision,

From offshore drilling to music videos, how does Xvision use their expertise in digital storytelling to tell the story that suits their clients’ needs? Xvision Consulting has over 20+ years experience in digital storytelling; creating projects with 3D, animation, VR, AR, interactive applications, and virtual production. Adrian will go through some examples of projects where they took their clients’ needs and condensed it into a suitable platform for their audience. He will highlight the challenges with the projects, and finding the balance between listening to your clients’ needs and steer a conversation in a different direction.