Meetingpoint Tanga - Tanga, Tanzania - December 11-15 2018
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Do not miss this unique opportunity for a 5 days workshop in beautiful Tanga in Tanzania from 11-15 of December 2018!

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VII Photo and Bilder Nordic School of Photography are excited to offer our first workshop in Tanzania. This is a collaboration between Bilder Nordic School of Photography, Bjørknes University and VII Photo Agency. The workshop will be hosted at Meeting point Tanga, a beautiful conference center located in Tanga, Tanzania.


The city of Tanga is one of the oldest towns along the coast of Tanzania. It is one of the largest cities in the country, but is still quiet and laidback. With its beautiful sandy beaches, protected mangroves, sandbanks and islands, Tanga gives a good experience of Tanzanian culture and it is well worth visiting the markets and the seaport. Tanga is the starting point for several interesting excursions in the area including Amboni Caves. It also provides good access to the East Usambara Mountains, Saadani and Mkomazi National Parks.


The workshop

The main focus of this workshop will be storytelling. We encourage you to work on any kind of photography: street photography, portraiture, art, documentary, urban landscape or other genres. During the 5 day long workshop, Gary and Linda will collaborate closely with each photographer as they work on their individual stories, specifically in the storytelling and editing processes.

During this workshop you will be mentored to improve your own voice, learn how to get close to the subject and what makes for an intimate story. You will get one to one mentoring, but we will also work together as a group, that way you will be able to create connections with the other participants.

After registering for the workshop, Bilder Nordic will help you with set up your assignment so your research will be easier, then when you arrive in Tanga you can start to photograph right away.

The conference center we are staying at have a lot of connections in the community. Some of the collaborations and stories you can do are: Elderly and family homes, mental health, pregnant mothers, school health programs, micro-finance and youth who have dropped out of school. If you have other stories you want to do we will help you as far as possible.

About Gary Knight

He is one of the most influential photojournalists working today. In 2001 he was the principal architect and co-founder of the VII Photo Agency which three years later was named the third most influential entity in photography by American Photo. Knight’s photography has appeared in every major newspaper and current affairs magazine on both sides of the Atlantic and is exhibited in museums and private collections in Europe and the US.

About Linda Bournane Engelberth

She is a visual artist and VII photo agency member. Her work focuses on identity through personal and subjective narratives, as well as rural communities in flux. She has had several exhibitions in the US and Europe. In 2014 her work was selected for the European Photo Exhibition Award. She was also a judge in Norway’s «Photo Of the Year» of 2017. Bournane Engelberth has been lecturing for years and will help you with practical advices on how to improve your photography and help you to find you own expression and talent in visual storytelling.

Workshop program

Day 1: Inspiration lesson: Gary and Linda will present their work and talk about different way to approach storytelling.  After we will help everybody to be arranged so they can go directly out and start their projects. The rest of the day and evening you will be out photographing.

Day 2-4: Out shooting day and evening, one to one mentoring and editing works together with Gary and Linda.

Day 5: Gary and Linda  will help you to make a final edit, and get you ready for our final presentation in the evening.



December 11-15 2018

We wish participants to arrive at the Tanga conference center on 10 December, so everyone is ready to start the workshop on the 11th of December.

Meetingpoint Tanga
Tanga, Tanzania


1000USD (8000NOK) Early birds, 10% discount (Register and deposit before October 5th)

1100 USD (9500NOK) Standard (Register and deposit after October 5th)

Number of participants:

Traveling options:

Each participant book their own flights, it is possible to rent a minibus for about 3000 NOK, this prize will be shared with the participants that choose this offer. From Daar Es Salaam the bus ride takes around 6 hours,  About 500 NOK each.

Example of travel:

Alternative 1:  From Oslo – Dar Es Salaam (ca 5000 NOK both ways) Bus from Dar Es Salaam 500 NOK

Alternative 2: From Oslo – Dar Es Salaam – change plane to Tanga (ca 7000 NOK both ways) (3481 NOK with Turkish Airlines, 2948 NOK with Auric Air, this prices can change, depending on when you order your ticket)

Alternative 3: From Oslo – Zanzibar, change to local flight to Tanga


We have a great deal with Tanga Conference center:

Tanga International Competence Center (TICC) Tanga
(37USD for one nigh in a double room, including 3 meals, (everybody have to pay for their own drinks)

* Accommodation in the center, in single bungalows shared with fellow students. Two in each room. You live and eat at the center.
The center has access to good recreational opportunities. Read more here.