PUBLIC TALK | VESTIGE VR: a journey through memories and lost love with Lisa Elin
Welcome to a most personal and emotional evening about an epic love story and the loss of a loved one.
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Welcome to a most personal and emotional evening about an epic love story and the loss of a loved one. VESTIGE is a unique story – both in content and format – told through Virtual Reality. Monday May 13th we’re happy to invite to a public talk, free of charge, with both the main character of the story; Lisa Elin, and the filmmaker behind the production; Aaron Bradbury.

In January 2019 the american business magazine Forbes wrote an article about Vestige: «Vestige reveals how virtual reality will revolutionize documentary storytelling». In collaboration with Katapult Future Fest we have the pleasure of inviting the filmmaker Aaron Bradbury and the main character of Vestige, Lisa Elin, to Norway! 

This is a story of grief and transition, a journey through pain and sorrow, that ultimately creates profound insight and hope. Through the conversations with the film creator Aaron Bradbury, Lisa Elin embarked on a journey that changed everything. Vestige VR reveals not only how it will dramatically reimagine documentary storytelling, it also pulls you in, and demonstrates how this powerful medium conserves fragile memories.

Erik was Norwegian. This seminar and experience have an extra layer of resonance. Lisa has been working on this is for over a year to bring his story home.

Lisa Elin and Aaron Bradbury have been talking since November 2016, six months after Lisa’s husband Erik Craighead passed away at 40. Aaron and Lisa were introduced by Jill Basmajian from Kaleidoscope, none knowing what exploring her stunning, tragic memories and loss would bring.

Vestige is Lisa’s real memories of Erik, relayed with the passionate love only a cosmic soul mate can: their first meeting after 9/11 in NYC, intimate moments, live’s deeply lived. Erik’s life affected a global community, and his death set into motion unexpected connections, enlightenment, and energy. It has taken Lisa to the depths of hell and back. Through sheer force of will to live, she creates hope for anyone affected by loss or transition.

Lisa is a creative director & writer in advertising, magazines, and branding for 20+ years between the coasts. Her experience making Vestige is incredibly meaningful to her journey of moving through grief, and sharing her message of finding profound beauty and transformation in our darkest moments. This public talk will give an insight as to how loss and grieve might be the artists most powerful source in creativity. By sharing the sorrow virtually through Vestige, Lisa hopes that her experience can be of help to others who cope with the harsher sides of life. Through the public talk you’ll also get an insight into the new creative possibilities in storytelling through VR.

VR Vestige Bilder Nordic Seminar og foredrag


When: Monday may 13th at 18:30

Where: Cinemateket, Oslo, Dronningens gate 16.

Entrance: Free of charge, but registration is required.

Read more about Vestige VR here.