Studentredaksjonen består av studenter fra vår Toårige Fotografutdanning. Redaksjonen dekker studentarbeid, intervjuer gjesteforelesere og andre fotografer & bransjeaktører, rapporterer fra eventer og utstillinger og poster forskjellige typer inspirasjon.

We are finally able to present to you the 2014 Bilder Nordic final exhibition, Moments of Consequence!

For the past month and a half, we’ve been researching, developing and shooting 34 individual projects revolving around a common theme. Or rather, four interlinked dimensions of an overall theme!

“How can we, as a generation, create a sustainable future?”

The main theme is best described as an exploration and reflection around how we as a generation can face the challenges that have risen as a consequence of our world’s accelerating developments, and through that help create a sustainable future.

The four values we have chosen to explore this theme through are self worth, sustainability, feminism and idealism, because we see these dimensions as important building blocks for a brighter future.

“We want to share our thoughts , concerns and hopes for the future, and the responsibility we have to define it.”

If you want to read more about the four dimensions, or the exhibition in general, you can head over to our exhibition website at:!

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The exhibition Moments of Consequence will be held at Rådhusgalleriet in Oslo, between April 3rd-10th!

We hope to see you there!

– Torjus Berglid, Editor in Chief 2013/2014